Katy Perry's Engagement Ring Finger is Sparkling After Dinner Date with John Mayer

Could Katy Perry and John Mayer be taking it to the next level? The couple were spotted leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles after a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with a bit more than a doggie bag. Katy's left hand -- her left hand ring finger to be exact -- was sporting a huge sparkler! Okay, it wasn't exactly a sparkler. It was more like a warm reddish glower. It was a large gold and ruby ring. But it waaaaaas on her engagement finger. So that must mean one thing.


It must mean Katy had one helluva Valentine's Day dinner! Not only did she leave the restaurant with the ring on her digit (Was it there before she went into the restaurant? No one says. Sheesh.), but she also left with a bag full of gifts from Fred Segal.

That's a trendy clothing store in L.A. so I'm guessing Katy got some lingerie ... but maybe John picked up the ring there too as sort of a "promise ring" or maybe just a regular old "gift ring." Hey, those exist, ya know. I've been to Fred Segal once but can't remember if they have jewelry. Would he buy an engagement ring at Fred Segal? Unlikely. But it's not Costco.

I've never quite understood the promise ring thing -- if you're promising to get engaged, why not just get engaged? I've actually seen someone get a promise ring, so I know this happens. 

But John did just recently say that he wants to get married. He said, "I'm a boy from Connecticut and that's what we do." Also, John's ex, Jennifer Aniston, is engaged. You know how competitive some guys are. If it is an engagement ring, it's an unorthodox one. But Katy likes blue hair too.

Sooooo ... maybe they're engaged. Maybe not. But I bet Katy had one wild Valentine's Day evening.

Do you think Katy and John are engaged?

Image via SplashNews

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