Kim Kardashian Dresses Baby Bump in Crazy Puffy Fringed -- What IS That Thing?

kim kardashianWell, that's one way to hide a baby bump. Kim Kardashian was spotted at a Hollywood party this week wearing the, um, creative ensemble pictured here, and ... points for creativity? The black leather pants look great. The sheer top isn't the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. But that midsection poof? Look, I've been pregnant. I know how those crazy hormones can lead a gal to make some questionable choices.

I just have to wonder what the inspiration behind this particular maternity wear design might have been ...


Of course we can only speculate as to what inspired Kim's puffy shirt (so unlike Seinfeld's puffy shirt! And yet equally horrible!), but I have a few guesses:

Why Kim Kardashian Dressed Her Baby Bump in That Crazy Puffy Fringed ... THING (Maybe)

1. Kim's way of "nesting" before baby is to dress like an all-black version of Big Bird.

2. Wanting to get into the spirit of Mardi Gras, Kim dressed like a parade float.

3. Kanye bought her the shirt. Oh, Kanye.

4. Khloe told her it was a magical, wish-granting shirt. Oh, Khloe.

5. Somebody paid Kim Kardashian a lot of money to wear that shirt. (Hey, that's probably the actual reason!)

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's puffy, fringed, feathery, maternity shirt?


Image via Splash

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