Did Kris Jenner Pay Off Her Ex-Lover to Keep Quiet?

Kim Kardashian Kris JennerWhat a good little reality star mama Kris Jenner is! She never fails to stir the gossip pot in one way or another, and the latest rumor out of tabloid land is just the thing to feed the Kardashian frenzy over the long weekend. In Touch is reporting the matriarch recently paid her ex-lover Todd Waterman thousands of dollars to keep quiet about their affair. Klassic Kardashian!

In case you’re not totally up on the family's latest gossip, Kris has already admitted to cheating on her former husband Robert Kardashian with Todd. Kris says she broke things off with Waterman when she married Bruce Jenner. (Um, okaay.) BUT! The plot thickens!


An "insider" says that this Todd character has been lurking behind the scenes this whole time and there’s a lot more to the story than even Kris would like people -- especially her current hubby -- to know. That would indeed explain why Kris supposedly bought Todd off, no?

The best part is Kris is said to have paid Todd in true fame-whore fashion: by inviting him to appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! How just completely funny and dysfunctional is that? Can’t you just picture her thought process? "Well, let’s see, how can I both milk this seamy situation to the fullest AND protect the real dirt from getting out -- at least before I’m ready to make a profit from it ... hmmm ... oh yes! I shall invite my blabbermouth lover to appear on my reality show! Brill!" Kris allegedly sweetened the deal by upping the normal appearance fee of about $1,500 to somewhere between $15K and $20K.

In Touch says this all lines up because Todd used to be very open with them (apparently he’s another Klass act), but of late he’s been keeping silent! Gasp! Hmm. No more dishing dirty Jenner/Kardashian secrets now that you’re a TV "star," Todd?

Ugh, it’s all so truly bizarre, isn't it? Who knows how much, if any of the story is true, but it almost doesn't even matter with that family, does it? The point is to keep the rumors and scandals flying so they can all collect their paychecks and laugh their way straight to the bank.

Do you think this is true or is it another manipulation by the Kardashian puppet master -- or both??


Image via leeleelu/ Flickr

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