Brad Pitt Reveals Angelina Jolie's Disgusting Secret With Rude Valentine's Day Gift

Angelina JolieThis just in: Angelina Jolie is not perfect. I repeat, Angelina Jolie is not perfect. I know that's hard to accept, considering she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet, living the most envied life possible -- but it's true.

You heard it here first, people -- Angelina has a flaw. And even worse? Brad Pitt completely mocked her for it on Valentine's Day.


I'll just cut to the chase here, Angelina has bad breath. And no one would know that little secret better than her own husband. So instead of wining and dining the mother of his children, Brad decided to get Angelina breath mints. As in, take these before you kiss me and thank me for this wonderful gift. I know, right? Totally "uncool" of him.

Apparently Brad is "always teasing" Angie about her breath -- and that it's "sort of a joke." Oh yeah, I'm sure Ang is laughing real hard about this. I mean, no diamonds? No flowers? Really, Brad? This is sort of mean. Think about it -- would you buy diet pills for someone who's overweight as a "joke"? I seriously hope not.

Bottom line is, I understand that Brad and Angelina probably have a relationship where they joke around and tease each other, but perhaps Valentine's Day isn't the appropriate time to tell your loved one her breath smells like crap.

Do you think this gift was offensive?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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