Stephenie Meyer Talks Vamps vs. Aliens, Teen Love Triangles & 'The Host' (VIDEO)

the hostIf you're a Twilight fan (and you know you are), you probably just assumed that series author Stephenie Meyer was a lifelong lover of all things vampire. But The Stir learned otherwise when we spoke with Meyer herself yesterday about The Host, Meyer's non-vampire novel and movie (slated for release on March 29). "Before Twilight, I never read a book with vampires in it," Meyer admits. "Aliens are much more my roots than vampires, for sure." Guess that explains the earth-taken-over-by-aliens premise of The Host! Of course, Meyer's developed quite an affection for vampires since creating the Cullen clan. Here's what the author had to say about which supernatural beings are the most fun, what Twilight fans will love about The Host, teenage love triangles and more.


Q: What's more fun, aliens or vampires?

A: "Well they each obviously have their appeal. I don't know. Strictly fun -- you can have a lot of fun with vampires. There's just a little bit more of a -- I don't know what the right … I don't want to say goof factor because obviously they take themselves very seriously. But there's the whole super hero aspect. They have different abilities. They can run fast and lift heavy things. The aliens are limited to being very human. So I think, just purely on fun, probably vampires. But the aliens, to me, feel like a more realistic fantasy."

Q: What do you think, in particular, will appeal to the Twilight fans about The Host?

A: "I feel like, if they like my style of storytelling, that is still the same. The story is very different, but there's always going to be romance. I wrote it, so there's definitely some romantic scenes. But there's also some really stellar performances. You've got to see William Hurt as Jeb. It's just really awesome. And Saoirse Ronan -- she's not a household name, probably because no one can read her name right now. They will though. She's unbelievable. Just to watch her get to do this great of a performance where she has to play two people and really run with that is worth the price of admission for sure."

Q: What characteristics did Saoirse Ronan embody as an actress that you felt were perfect for the leading role?

A: "The main thing is that she is one of the most amazing actors I've ever had the privilege to watch, let alone work with. We knew that with this role, it's very complicated. And without someone who could just transform themselves into both of these characters and be super believable, it wasn't going to work. We had to have an amazing actress. So that was the main thing, which was finding an actress who was that good. Then, when you get past that, her abilities that are special to her -- one, is that she is so ethereal. She's such a down to earth kid when you know her, but if you see a photograph of her on a red carpet, it's like she's from another planet already. She's just this beam of light. She's amazing. That worked out so well, that otherworldly part of her, to play an alien, a very peaceful alien from an advanced civilization, it's very believable. Because she is just different. She's not quite like us.

And then, she also has the ability to play such a fierce survivor. If you've seen her in Hanna, you know what I'm talking about. And that, actually, was the movie that the other producers got me to watch. Because my first instinct when they said Saoirse Ronan, I was like, 'Too young. I don't want to do this teenage love triangle again. It's going to be too much of a Twilight thing … ' I was kind of an absolute no, she's fantastic, but no. And they said, 'Go see her in Hanna,' and so I very begrudgingly did. And I was sure my mind was not going to change. And I was on the phone with them before the credits were done rolling. I was like, 'Ok, ok. Sign her up. If she's willing to do it, do anything we have to do to get her.'"

Check out the trailer to see what Meyer means:

Does look pretty amazing, despite the significant lack of vampires!

Are you psyched to see The Host?


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