Kristen Stewart Finds Temptation in a Hunky Costar: Are Her Cheating Days Over?

Kristen StewartWhile Robert Pattinson is filming The Rover in Australia, Kristen Stewart's been working on a project of her own here in the States. Called The Big Shoe, Kristen's latest flick has one awesome benefit: her hunky costar. You know Jim Sturgess, right? From Across the Universe? Well apparently the duo has great chemistry, both on- and off-screen. A source says that around Jim she was "touching her hair and laughing a lot." The catch? Jim has a girlfriend, and according to the same source -- everything is strictly professional.

OK, so yes, Kristen's past indiscretions make me want to doubt that. Allegedly Kristen is so set on reconciling with Rob and working on their relationship that she has blinders on to all other men. For some crazy reason I don't quite understand, I actually believe that.


Here's how I see it: Kristen has gone bat shit crazy since she cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders. She's apologized publicly, she's made amends with Rob, she's traveled to Australia to see him, and the latest -- now she's wearing his underwear around because "she misses him." Her emotions are at an all-time high, and now I'm truly believing that she's head-over-heels in love with Rob and nothing's changing that.

Of course, that doesn't mean she can't be attracted to other men. Shoot, I definitely wouldn't blame her for being attracted to Jim Sturgess -- considering that he's handsome AND he can sing. Only time will tell if she can hold out until Robby comes back from the land down under.

Do you think Kristen's cheating days are over?


Image via Splash News

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