Ashton Kutcher May Have Already Cheated on Mila Kunis

ashton kutcher mila kunisWell, this isn't very good news if you're Mila Kunis. Star Magazine (I know) is reporting that Ashton Kutcher is probably/most-likely/95 percent cheating on her. Sara Leal, the girl who Ashton cheated on Demi with, is trying to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame claiming that a friend recently showed her a photo of Ashton in his pajamas -- at some random girl's house (evidently it was her friend's friend). Sara said: "Apparently, the girl was at Ashton’s house in L.A., and obviously someone was with him, but he didn’t know he was in the picture. It was creepy." She then added: "It could just be an innocent picture, but I think it’s also possible he’s not dating Mila exclusively. Not just because of that photo, but because he’s cheated before." Whatever, Sara.

But still.


I'm not saying I want to believe this, but it seems like 9 times out of 10 in Hollywood, where there's smoke, there's fire. In fact, right before everything with Ashton and Demi came to a head, there was a lot of, um, smoke, so to speak.

If this is true, Ashton is straight up cray. He was foolish to cheat on Demi (if you don't want to be with someone, just tell them, dude), but when he got together with Mila, it was kind of like, "All right. You guys were on That '70s Show together and you wear the same clothes. Whatev. This is slightly cute." He sort of got a second chance. If he goes and messes a relationship up via cheating again? Ooooh, that boy is done. He will be one of the most hated dudes in Hollywood

Or he'll just, you know, continue making $800,000 an episode on Two and a Half Men. Same diff. 

Do you think Ashton is cheating on Mila?

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