Miley Cyrus' Red Jumpsuit Would've Been Classy if Her Breast Wasn't Hanging Out (PHOTOS)

Miley CyrusRemember that time when Miley Cyrus rocked a red jumpsuit during New York Fashion Week and actually looked put together and tasteful?

Yeah, well, it sort of almost happened.

She stepped out in this little number for the Rachel Zoe fashion show yesterday, and at first glance, she really does look kinda good. She's all covered up. She looks great in red. And the style of the jumpsuit really fits well with the whole edgy vibe she's got going on these days.

But then of course, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction of sorts and exposed her boob and ruined the whole outfit in typical Miley fashion.


Check it out, folks.

 Miley Cyrus

Does that boob look familiar, or what?

Oh, Miley, Miley, Miley. It's called a bra, sweetie. And you should really think about trying one on sometime.

Ugggghhhh. Seriously, what the heck does this girl have against wearing bras? They're supportive. They make you look even better in your clothes. And, well, duh -- they generally have a good reputation for making sure your breasts don't pop out of whatever you happen to be wearing.

I know, I know, she's still young and should just go for it and express herself, and if that means forgoing a bra -- so be it. But still -- there's only so many times people can see one's boob before seeing one's boob becomes the norm and regaining one's positive image becomes next to impossible.

Do you think Miley will ever learn to cover up?


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