Did 'Beautiful Creatures' Star Emmy Rossum Just Rip 'Twilight'?

beautiful creatures emmy rossumSeems like some reporters will jump on just about any chance to "trap" a star into saying something that's most definitely going to be construed in a negative way. That seems like what may have happened when Emmy Rossum chatted with Hollywood Life about her new film Beautiful Creatures.

Apparently, they had to ask her how the fantasy flick compares to -- not Harry Potter or Hunger Games or any other magical movie released in the past few years and geared toward young adults -- but Twilight, of course! Her response? "It’s very different and it’s empowering for women." Oooh boy! Everyone, pounce! Did Emmy just rip Stephenie Meyer, the entire Twilight franchise, in on fell swoop?!


She went on to say:

A lot of the female characters were able to decide for themselves who they are going to be and what they are going to do with their lives.

Ehhh ... now to say that she's actually ripping Twilight with this quote seems to be a bit of an exaggeration, right? She's just calling a spade a spade -- noting that the characters in Beautiful Creatures are masters of their own universes ... They're not finding out that their destinies revolve around a potentially violent vampire boyfriend. Sounds like a fair assessment to me!

Then again, all right, it also bears noting that to compare the two films doesn't really make sense. Just because they're both fantasies geared at a young adult audience, they don't necessarily have the same themes or similar characters. Why must we always try bring everything new back to something we already know?

When we're already anticipating not one but TWO films on the horizon that were initially inspired by Twilight, I think it's high time we stop trying to compare any movie with a glimmer of fantasy or magic to Stephenie Meyer's stories. Really, I'm sure it'll be possible to sit back and just enjoy Beautiful Creatures for what it is without launching a Women's Studies analysis of the empowering traits of Bella Swan vs. Ridley Duchannes. Unless that's what floats your boat, of course!

What do you think of Emmy's comment? Do you think it's ridiculous to compare these two flicks?

Image via beautifulcreatures.warnerbros.com

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