A Few 'DWTS' Rumors We REALLY Hope Are True (& Some We Don't)

DWTSThe new cast of Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars is all set to be announced FOR REAL on February 26. Most of us are probably thrilled because, at last, the rumors can be put to rest.

We have heard everyone is going to be on the show, from former Bachelorette Emily Maynard to Star Trek's William Shatner. Of course, it's not just who IS going to be on the show, but also who is going to be off it. It looks like a lot of pro favorites (like Maksim Chmerkovskiy) are either going to sit out this season or the next.

Noooo ... with all the rumors swirling, it's hard to know what the truth may be. But here are eight of the biggest Dancing With the Stars rumors, both good and bad about Season 16. See below:

  1. Honey Boo Boo's Mama June: This is one of those rumors we REALLY hope is true. No matter what you think of June, there is no doubt she brings it in terms of high entertainment. She is hilarious and I would love to see her paired up with someone like Maks. All I can say is FIREWORKS!
  2. Kym Johnson Leaving: She isn't one of my favorites, but she is a classic on the show. Seeing her go is a little nerve-wracking because the new dancers always take a few seasons to get used to. What will become of the show if all the greats leave?
  3. Derek Hough Leaving: NO. This one would be really painful. Really. He is kind of the heart of the show. I may not love him, but I can't live without him. This is as bad as when his sister left.
  4. Victor Ortiz: Boxer Victor Ortiz is also rumored to be signing on. I don't know a ton about him, but I am guessing he may be a ringer, so to speak. I see him being quick on his feet and good. 
  5. Sean Lowe: Please God no. Reality Steve says this is true, but what a snooze-fest. When are we going to realize this guy is boring as hell?
  6. Katie Holmes: Supposedly she wants this. I would be shocked if it happened. She is still way too "movie star A-list," but you never know ...
  7. William Shatner: Yes! Yes! Yes! Let it happen! I give this one good odds. It keeps getting mentioned so much, it seems entirely possible.
  8. Kyle Richards and Kim Richards: This is my dream. It doesn't feel THAT realistic, but I would be thrilled if it happened.

Who do you hope to see this season?

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