Bradley Cooper Wouldn't Date Jennifer Lawrence Because of Her Age -- So What's THIS About?!

Bradley CooperWhy do women love Bradley Cooper? Let me count the ways. Handsome. Bed head hair. Dimples. Great bod. Ohhhhh, and he said he wouldn't date Jennifer Lawrence because he could "literally be her father." 'Memba that? Add to that the fact that Bradley dates women his age like Zoe Saldana and Renee Zellweger, and we just love that Bradley is mature enough to like women who couldn't be his daughter -- unless he fathered them at like 2. So what's this?!! Bradley was seen leaving a party with a young model named Suki Waterhouse. And she's -- gulp -- 20! Bradley, you could have easily fathered her. What gives?!!


Bradley and the cute young model, who also goes by the name Suki Alice, were photographed leaving a recent party together in London. They got in the same car! Sure, Bradley was in the front of the car, and Suki was in the back, and there WERE other people in the car (as is clear from different angles), but we all know what this means ...


What's next, Bradley? Courtney Stodden? Demi Lovato?? Whaaat??!!

Just kidding, of course. We don't know if Bradley and Suki are dating -- though certainly the media is having a field day with their car ride. Perez Hilton even says that Bradley tried to "sneak" Suki into his hotel. I mean, they could have just been staying at the same hotel and didn't want to enter together because of all the gossip that would ensue, riiiight???

Suki also has a serious boyfriend -- a musician named Miles Kane. Or at least she did last week. But ... he's Bradley Cooper, folks. No offense to you husbands and boyfriends of the world, but we'd all dump you like a stinky bag of cat feces for Brads. However, we KNOW Bradley wouldn't do us like this. He likes his women over legal drinking age. Don't you, Bradley??!! Brad, we're watching you.

That said, we'd have nothing against you actually going ahead and dating Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, we'd think it's a bit weird, but it's not like dating Lindsay Lohan. But it's just so refreshing to have a middle-aged guy in Hollywood who actually wants to date women with a couple of crow's feet.

We're counting on ya, Bradley. Okay, maybe it's just me. I'm counting on ya. (Call me.)

What do you think about Bradley dating younger women?

Image via PacificCoastNews

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