Kate Middleton & Prince William Have the Full Romance Package & We’re Jealous

Kate MiddletonA weird survey was just conducted that asked 2,000 adults whose romance most inspires them, and I'll give you one guess as to which couple came in number one. If you said Kate Middleton and Prince William, you get a virtual high-five. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, according to 2,000 people at least, have the most coveted celebrity relationship in the world.

I wish I could think of a more eloquent way of saying this, but: A durr. Of course Wills and Kate have the most "inspiring" relationship. He's a prince; she's a princess. They're literally living out a fairytale.


Three other royal couples topped the list. At number three was Queen Elizabeth & HRH Prince Philip, and at number nine was Prince Charles & The Duchess of Cornwall. (Oddly, David and Victoria Beckham were at number two -- isn't that a bit weird? Didn't he cheat on her? Watev.)

Anyway, back to Bill and Katie. Despite their being incredibly wealthy, privileged, storybook-esque people, I really do view their relationship as being quite adorable and, yes, perhaps even a bit "inspiring". We're always hearing that they love staying at home -- watching movies, cooking, and playing with their dog, etc. They really do seem, for all intents and purposes, like an incredibly relatable couple. I mean, Christ, this is the future King and Queen of England we're talking about here -- couldn't you kind of sort of see yourself hanging out with them? Perhaps it's because I'm around the same age as them, but to me they seem much more down-to-earth than Charles and Diana. And definitely more down-to-earth than Queen E and Prince P.

So, am I surprised at all by the outcome of this survey? That would be a no. But I do have an odd hankering for figgy pudding now, so there's that.

Do you find Kate and Wills relatable?

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