Jenelle Evans & Courtland Rogers’ Marriage Was Solely Based on Money & Fame

jenelle evansHere's a rumor I never saw coming. According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans married degenerate Courtland Rogers for his money and Courtland married Jenelle for her fame. You mean to tell me that these kids, each with their own kids, who had a quickie courthouse wedding and filed for divorce mere weeks later, weren't actually in love? Knock me over with a feath.


Personally, the most interesting part of this whole story is, wait, Courtland has money?

Evidently, he's known as a rich kid 'round town (that town being, of course, Oak Island, North Carolina, population 6,500) -- his dad owns a KFC/Taco Bell and allegedly supports his whole family, including his 20-something adult son, Courtland.

In the past, Jenelle bragged that Courtland "has money like that" after he bought her a $3,000-plus engagement ring, and went on to clarify that his cash doesn't come from selling drugs. Whoa! Who brought up drugs?

Anyway, if Jenelle really did marry Courtland for his money, it might explain why it was so easy for her to walk away. A handful of rage-filled, immature tweets and their marriage was over faster than you could say, "Wanna make a miscarriage together?"

Since they were never in love, makes sense that she could call things off like that.

And the allegation that Courtland only married Jenelle for his 15 minutes of fame? No. No way. You don't say. I can't believe it. Stop. You mean it was a bad sign when he tattooed his stomach with the words "Almost Famous"? Consider me shocked.

Why do you think Courtland and Jenelle got married?

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