'Game of Thrones’ New 'Chaos' Teaser Is the Calm Before the Season 3 Storm (VIDEO)

Tyrion Lannister

Leave it to those geniuses behind Game of Thrones to tease a preview called "Chaos" with one of the simplest videos ever. Season 3 of Game of Thrones is fast approaching (March 31 is the big day!), and so the trailers just keep on coming. No one is complaining, that's for sure, though it's certainly not helping make the time go any faster.

Yet again, the sadly short and straightforward teaser gives absolutely nothing away. I'm sure as we get closer, the previews will be getting far more awesome-r, but as of now, let's enjoy this one while we can. And those of you who have read A Storm of Swords ought to know the "chaos" that is to come in season 3.

But for now, there are no spoilers ahead (yay!), and instead we get a chilling voiceover and a close-up of a bunch of the characters' faces. Yup. That's about it.



This season is going to be amazing, heart-wrenching, dramatic, violent, insane (I can only guess, as I too have read A Storm of Swords), but this teaser, above all else, seems to be a huge pat on the back on HBO's part for casting such good-looking and compelling characters. Seriously, all we need is close-up after close-up of the actors' gorgeous faces, not really doing much or saying anything, just looking at the camera with some badass expressions, to get us excited about the upcoming season? It's hard to tell if that's humongously sad or secretly brilliant.

And that certainly sounds like the creepy yet oddly sexy voice of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger, doesn't it? Maybe because behind the scenes, he's one of the few who's really running the show.

But my favorite part has to be Tyrion's scar-faced, all-knowing smirk at the very end of the teaser. We fans certainly miss you, dude. Can't wait until he graces our television screens again come March ... jeez, is winter over yet?

What do you think of this latest teaser? Are you excited for season 3?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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