Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Want to Buy 3 More Insanely Overpriced Mansions

kim kardashian kanye westKim Kardashian may still technically be married to Kris Humphries, but that's not going to keep her from setting up house with BF and baby daddy Kanye West. The two have already plunked down mucho dinero for a $11 million mansion in Bel Air ... but pffft! That's kinda old news now that TMZ hears the couple is setting their sights on buying THREE other multimillion-dollar homes around the world!

That's right -- New York, Miami, and Paris are reportedly the other cities where Kimye plan to purchase palaces.


While it sounds totally nutso at first, come on, what did we expect?! This is Kimye we're talking about, people. For one, they've got more money than they know what to do with. Not to mention how they both seem determined to achieve world domination and also fancy themselves an international power couple. So clearly, they need base camps all over the globe to do that!

But the biggest factor at play that seems to make these future homes sort of necessary: Kimye do have business to tend to in all four locations. Consider Kanye's clothing line or the Kardashian DASH stores, which have locations in all of these future home locations, with the exception of Paris. Also, Kim films shows in all of these locations, with the exception of Paris ... But like E!'s not gonna pick up a pilot for Kanye & Kim Take Paris! Ha!

All I'm saying is that this isn't that ridiculous -- for them. Is it still completely enviable? Of course!

Do you envy Kimye's plan?


Image via Splash News

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