Justin Bieber's Mom Isn’t Starting an Abortion Debate … She’s Sharing Why She Chose to Have Her Son

Justin Bieber’s mom wants one thing made clear: She does not have a political opinion on the abortion issue. Pattie Mallette settles the controversial “Bieber’s Mom Debate” by stating “I haven’t shared my stance with anyone and I’m not here to make a political statement, so there’s been a lot of assumptions made.”

Critics have been hurling accusations at the superstar’s mom over her recent involvement in Crescendo, a new film that she hopes will raise 10 million dollars for a shelter for pregnant teens. She herself stayed in such a place when she got pregnant with Justin as a teenager and was subsequently kicked out of her house.


Pattie has been very vocal in the past about her struggles as a pregnant teen, the pressure on her to have an abortion, and her attempted suicide. She says she connected with the plot of the movie, which is a biopic about Beethoven’s mother, who attempted abortion and suicide.

She signed on as an executive producer after the film was finished, and while she admits there are some producers involved that hold anti-abortion beliefs, her only goal is to support residential programs like the one that helped her as a teen in trouble. She said:

"The pregnancy center that I lived in is now closed because of lack of funds, so I thought it was a really important thing that they're doing to raise money."

It’s a sad day when people will make assumptions about your political beliefs and attack you for them when you’re just trying to raise money for a good cause. She never said she was anti-abortion -- she’s only shared her own story. She made the decision to keep her baby, but doesn’t assume to know what’s best for other mothers.

Maybe she is a pro-lifer. If that’s the case, then I applaud her for showing girls that they have options, rather than just condemning them for considering having an abortion. She’s been there. She knows how scary it is. She also knows that rainbows come after storms, and she’s in a position to help girls make a real choice.

Pro-life or pro-choice -- it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Pattie Mallette is trying to make a difference for some girls that might not have anyone else to turn to. And that’s a good thing.

Do you think Justin Bieber’s mom has a secret pro-life agenda?


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