Single Taylor Swift Is Spending Valentine's Day Cozying Up to Someone Very Special

taylor swiftWhoa, whoa, whoa! Could it be that in the wake of her split from Harry Styles, Taylor Swift is actually taking the advice of everyone in America (most vocally, Tina Fey) and putting the brakes on her serial monogamist ways?! Yup, that's what it looks like! Wellll, at least for the time being.

Taylor told Ryan Seacrest yesterday all about her Valentine's Day plans, and they don't include texting her exes, writing whiny songs about her splits with said exes, or chasing another star she can date for a split-second and then break up with! So, then, who is she spending the holiday with?


Herself! Well, more specifically, Taylor said:

I'm probably going to be with my friends or rehearsing ... I'll be like working on the lighting rig and like, the lighting cues. And I don't think I'd rather be anywhere else to be honest.

Not sure I really believe that last part, but if there's any truth to her "confession" whatsoever -- good for her! Because after being on the roller coaster of love for, geeze, who knows how long, spending V-Day with friends or working really is what Taylor should be doing. It'll help her figure out who she is and what she really wants -- which are both two incredibly important must-knows for anyone before diving into any serious relationship.

Really, at its core, Valentine's Day is a lame-o Hallmark holiday that makes everyone feel a bit lukewarm, because it sets a super-high standard that's kinda hard for anyone -- attached or single! -- to really meet. And yeah, of course being single on a day devoted to hearts and flowers is a pain. (Especially for someone as obsessed with hearts and flowers as Princess Tay!) But it's not the absolute worst spot to be in.

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No, really! Before I met my fiance six years ago, I may have been a serial dater, but not a serial monogamist. Meaning I was often technically single on Valentine's Day. And I can safely say going it alone or with friends gives you an opportunity to enjoy being alone or being with friends and learning who you are as that person -- NOT just as Flavor of the Month's girlfriend. In the end, that's way more valuable than an extra big box of high-end chocolates or three dozen roses!

I'm sure Taylor will have a blast with her BFFs (which include newly single -- or is she? -- Selena Gomez and Emma Stone). She elaborated to Ryan Seacrest:

I'd say I have like 15 best friends. I'd much rather have more friends, rather than put up all these walls around your life and not trust people. I've trusted people more and more as this [her career] has gotten thankfully, bigger.

Aww, it sounds like she's really figured out the whole friendship thing. Now, if only her success in that area of her life could carry over to her love life ... Hopefully, time alone will help make that happen.

Do you agree there's value in experiencing Valentine's Day as a single girl?


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