Justin Bieber on 'SNL' Will Be the Funniest Ever ... If He Lets Them Rip on Him (VIDEO)

justin bieberJustin Bieber is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend (he's the musical guest, too), and fans are freaked that the show might be canceled due to Nemo the blizzard or, worse, that his hair might get messed up by the high winds and snow. The Biebs tweeted that we should fear not, he is Canadian after all, and assured followers that the show must go on.

Good. Now that that's settled, let's talk about what Justin should do on SNL. A source said that nothing's off-limits for Justin -- weed, Selena, none of it -- so boy better bring his funny and mock himself as we all would: relentlessly.


So! We need a skit making fun of all these weed rumors. Maybe that girl who plays Miley Cyrus (it's the Miley Cyrus show!) could come out and those two could take hits of "salvia", or whatever.

And yeah, I wouldn't mind him making fun of all those photos of him hanging out with those Victoria's Secret supermodels. Maybe something about his and Selena's back-and-forth "Cry Me a River" performances would be good, too. I mean, any acknowledgement of how lame that was would be great.

Most of all, though, I'd like to see Bieber poke fun at his small stature. I've never seen anyone mention it, but the dude's tiny. At 5'6", he's even shorter than Tom Cruise. It's rumored he wears "Bieber Boots" -- shoes with lifts in them -- and the kid's close to the age when growing stops, too. It's not like at 19 he's got a lot of growing to look forward to.

I feel like, if anything, the height jokes are actually off-limits, but at the very least, can somebody please poke fun at his hideous hands tattoo?

Excited for Bieber on SNL?

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