Justin Timberlake’s Big Grammys ‘Surprise’ Is Driving Us Crazy (VIDEO)

Justin TimberlakeIn the interest of full disclosure: I don't watch the Grammys. Especially not when Downton Abbey is on. But, not gonna lie, Justin Timberlake's most recent announcement about his performance during the awards show has kind of sort of piqued my interest.

Of course, those "in the know" couldn't give too much away regarding JT's big plans. Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow told MTV News that there would be a "bit of a surprise. It will be worth watching and with the Grammys you always have the potential of seeing something first that you can't see anywhere else. And that's right in his wheelhouse."

Damn you, Neil. Now I kind of want to know what's up this musical icon's sleeve. So many possibilities! Dear god, what could it be?!


JT hasn't performed on the Grammys in four years. And everyone knows how talented he is -- even his biggest haters can't deny that. He can sing, dance, sort of act, be hilarious, be sexy, and his many fans have looked forward to this comeback for a long ass time.

So far, Timberlake's new single "Suit & Tie" hasn't reached #1 in the singles charts, though fans are looking forward to the music video, which may give the song a much-needed publicity boost. He also performed during the Super Bowl, singing "Little Pusher Love Girl" and "Bad Girl" -- both will be on his third solo album, The 20/20 Experience.

But now on the Grammys, he could really let loose. And the dude knows how to bring it, as we've seen before. Here are some possible outcomes, thanks to lots of hard-hitting, exhaustive, investigative journalism on my part, that you might expect:

  • Jessica Biel making a cameo
  • Britney Spears making a cameo (can you even imagine ... the world would end at that very moment)
  • Janet Jackson and her, um, you know, making a cameo
  • Jay-Z making a cameo
  • Justin doing a live version of "D*ck in a Box"
  • Justin announcing he's pregnant (hey, Beyonce did it)
  • 'N Sync reunion, which, YES
  • Mickey Mouse Club reunion, though I don't think fans will be able to handle JT and Ryan Gosling together in such close proximity

Well, there you have it. Hopefully the universe will be able to continue to function until it knows what exactly this "surprise" is going to be. It's certainly punishing those of us in the Northeast this weekend with a rather large incoming blizzard ...

Here's Justin's performance at the Grammys from 2007 if you want a nice little refresher:

What do you think the surprise could possibly be?


Image via Mandy Coombes/Wikimedia Commons

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