Khloe Kardashian Makes Desperate Plea for a Family Member Fighting Cancer

khloe kardashianThe Kardashians are usually so busy making headlines for what they say or do that's absolutely ridiculous, but today, it's a different story. Khloe Kardashian made an especially compassionate and awesome move when, on Wednesday night, she posted on her blog about a cause very near and dear to her heart: Her cousin, Cici's 17-year battle with cancer.

Khloe wrote, "I am writing this blog post because my family desperately needs your help. My cousin ... is no longer responding to the chemotherapy drugs. Her best option now is a bone marrow stem cell transplant, which would hopefully give her many more years to live." As a result, Khloe is soliciting bone marrow donations from, well, anyone and everyone who could potentially be a match.


Khloe elaborated on the details:

Because Cici is Armenian, the donor must be of Armenian descent, so we are asking every Armenian to reach out to the bone marrow registry and sign up with hopes of finding a match for Cici. Your help truly means the world to us!

Wow, huh? Well, it's definitely a change of pace from plugging the latest Kardashian perfume or clothing line! I kid ... It really is amazing how she opened up about this scary situation her family is facing.

But the process of donating itself is actually not as intimidating as it sounds -- it's like giving blood. And if Cici is able to get a donor, she'll be able to have the procedure, which is similar to getting a blood transfusion. Stem cells are delivered into your bloodstream through a tube called a central venous catheter. They then travel through the blood into the bone marrow. Usually, no surgery is needed.

It's pretty amazing to think the process could add years to her life. Fingers crossed Khloe's plea leads to a donor for Cici ... and others in her shoes who need bone marrow stem cell transplants to stay alive.

Those who wish to donate bone marrow to Cici can do so on the National Marrow Donor Program's online registry.

How do you feel about Khloe's blog post? Would you ever give a bone marrow donation?


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