Hilarious Spoof of the Royal Couple Pokes Sweet Fun at Kate & Wills (VIDEO)

Royalty -- they're just like us! Oh, sure, they live in castles, will never need to work for a living, and have somewhat unique first names like "King" or "Queen." But, hey, take that away, they're just like everyone else, I tells ya! And thanks to Girls star Allison Williams, who looks just like Catherine Windsor (so she thinks anyway), we common folk get a glimpse of how the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William behave when they're just being ol' Kate and Wills (aka Baldy) in this series of hilarious videos called Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After.


Apparently people kept telling actress Allison Williams how much she resembled the Duchess, so she wrote and stars in a spoof sketch for Funny or Die, playing Kate. But is it really a spoof? I like to think this is just how Wills and Kate act when the Queen isn't around.

Spotting William's famously thinning pate, "Kate" remarks, in her upper crust British accent, "It's crazy, I've never seen it in this light. Do you guys think you can take the lights down on his head? You look like a globe. I had no idea he was this f*cking bald."

The pair also confess what I'm sure the Royals would confess if they only had the chance -- that they love Justin Bieber, Jersey Shore, and "ghetto" reality shows. "People think because I'm a Prince, I can't be ghetto," says Wills. But we know he can. Maybe not as much as Harry can (Harry was born "ghetto"), but hey. He tries.

When Kate refuses to eat a sandwich William makes her, he threatens (in a cute way) to force her to because "someday, I'm going to be the motherf***ing King." HOT.

Check out the first episode of Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After. What do you think? Would you watch more?

Image via Funny Or Die

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