Farrah Abraham Finds Love Online But Does Her New Man Know the ‘Real’ Farrah?

Farrah AbrahamThese days online dating has become a commonality. So many of my girlfriends have tried it, and I even know a few who have great relationships because of their experience on the web. Which is why it doesn't surprise me that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham decided to check it out herself. And get this: She says she has a new man now because of it!

Yup, after three days of using a popular website (she doesn't reveal which one), the MTV star says she found a real Christian, a gentleman. Three days.

Let's rap about this for a minute, right? In three days, whether you're dating online or in the flesh, what are you telling a person that sparks your interest in the first three days that solidifies a relationship? The answer: the good stuff.

I'm happy for you, Farrah, but I wouldn't shut down that dating profile quite yet.


The world of online dating is tricky. Because everything comes up roses in the beginning when you're talking back and forth about what you do, where you're from, and the flirtation is constant -- there's little room to talk about the real serious stuff. You know, past relationships, any family issues, that kind of personal mumbo jumbo.

Someone you meet online is worth investing your time in when you can openly discuss personal things like that and they don't go running in the other direction. Someone that takes the good with the bad. Although the bad things may not always be easy to hear, they are what shapes who you are.

For Farrah, I'd be interested if she reveals exactly who she is. Think of it this way: For someone who has never seen Teen Mom, it's easy for Farrah just to be some pretty girl from Iowa instead of someone who has aired out their entire life on MTV. Farrah comes with a LOT of baggage, which I'm sure would make a LOT of men hesitant. I guess only time will tell what happens for Farrah, but hey, everyone deserves to find love, even MTV stars.

Have you ever used online dating? Has it worked for you?


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