Kim Kardashian's Bra-Baring Sheer Top Could Start a New Maternity Trend (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianWell, she must be out to prove a point after taking a lot of unnecessary heat for wearing tight-fitting gym clothes, or at least that's one possible explanation for why Kim Kardashian dared to bare in this sheer top. It more than showed off her growing baby bump, although, depending on which angle you look at her, you may or may not be able to tell she's pregnant.

Actually, she looks pretty damn good for a woman who's just entered her second trimester, don't you think?


Dare I say it? I'm kind of digging this outfit. It's sexy. And it works for her. If she were anyone other than Kim Kardashian, it may not have -- but somehow she managed to pull it off.

And this isn't the first time Kim has gone for a sheer maternity style. Remember that sexy black dress she wore on New Year's Eve? Yeah, it was all kindsa sheer. She wasn't afraid to take risks then, and even though her belly is growing bigger by the day, she's not afraid to show a little skin now. (You go, girl.)

Honestly, I don't know why more expectant moms don't hop on the skin-baring bandwagon. (Hold on -- hear me out before you call me completely insane.)

Kim's in that weird, in-between phase right now where she doesn't really look preggo -- she just looks like she's packed on a few extra pounds. By exposing her tummy instead of hiding it, there's a better chance of people realizing she has an actual bump -- not just a food baby.

When I was pregnant with my son, I looked "fat" up until about month four-and-a-half or so. Not pregnant, just fat. And while I'm guessing it probably would've been frowned upon if I'd walked into my office in a sheer top, I'm thinking maybe I should've just went for it. If nothing else, maybe I would've gotten a few less looks of disgust from co-workers when I shoved a third bagel with tomato and cream cheese into my mouth each morning.

Be honest, do you like Kim's sheer getup? Would you wear it?


Image via Splash

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