Happy 21st Birthday Taylor Lautner: 12 Reasons to Whoop It Up Today! (VIDEO)

Taylor LautnerOur sweet-faced Taylor Lautner is 21 years old today?!? Hard to believe he was just 16 when Twilight premiered. They just grow up so fast ... sigh.

Now Taylor, we know you're a workout fiend and have always come out as drug and alcohol free, but it's officially legal for you to have yourself a cocktail now. There's no harm in celebrating your 21st birthday with a beer or a nice wine spritzer. So go ahead. God knows you have lots to celebrate above and beyond this milestone birthday too! No, I'm serious! You do!

But just in case you're having trouble coming up with a reason to celebrate (or you're too busy doing crunches), we've come up with a nice list of 12 reasons for you.


Oh, Taylor go ahead and have a celebratory birthday drink today because ...

1. It’s legal now.

2. You’re certainly rich enough to hire a designated driver.

3. You’re certainly rich.

4. Twilight is FRICKIN' OVER and you never ever have to revisit that whole awkward Renesmee thing again.

5. I would say drink because Abduction was so so bad but no one remembers that movie anyway. Why drudge up the past?

6. You have two new movies (two!!!) in the works. Let the countdown to Grown Ups 2 (2013) and Tracers (2014) begin! Plus, the IMDB page for Gus Van Sant still lists an "Untitled Taylor Lautner Project," so crossing fingers for your big breakout role there.

7. You work HAAAAARD for those abs. So hard I bet you can do situps while hanging upside down! Wait, can you ... ?!

8. Have a drink today because Kristen Stewart LIIIIIIIIIED (and how could she??? after all you've been through???).

9. Robert Pattinson is more famouser than you even though Edward was a controlling douche and Jacob was hot and a wonderfully witty smart ass.

10. Eleven years later, this little 10-year-old sweetheart still lives inside you.

11. You’re certainly rich.

12. On second thought, don't get drunk. We love you just the way you are. Happy birthday, Taylor!

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Image via Sheri Reed

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