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Robert Pattinson's 6 Sexiest Smiles (PHOTOS)

Robert PattinsonThat Robert Pattinson. He and all of his Twilight glory really seem to get women fired up. Maybe it's his sexy accent? Or ah-HAH! The way his booty looks in a Gucci suit? Either way, I won't fight you here, ladies, the man's got some serious swag.

Unfortunately, Rob's been having a tough time lately. One second he's together with Kristen Stewart. The next he's on location in Australia and they're not talking. Then next, he's walking around moping wearing all black. You know how we fix this situation? With a smile. His smile, to be specific. Maybe if he sees what it's like to be happy again, he'll BE happy. It's reasonably logical, right?

Thus I present you with Robert Pattinson's 6 sexiest smiles. Seriously, you're welcome.

Are you a Robert Pattinson fan? What do you think is his best look?


Image via Pacific Coast News

Image via The Stir


2The 'I'm Excited to Hear Your Question' Smile

Image via Pacific Coast News


3The 'My Tongue Is REALLY Hot, Isn't It?' Smile

Image via Pacific Coast News


4The 'Eat Your Heart Out, Gosling' Smile

Image via Pacific Coast News


5The 'I Don't Need Hair to Be Sexy' Smile

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