Miley Cyrus Says She’ll Never Have Long Hair Again but Her Reason Sounds Ridiculous

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus' hair. Let's talk about it. It's short. It's shaved. It's dyed blonde, and it's her favorite thing, ever. She told E! that's she's really feeling her short 'do and doesn't think she could go back to having long hair ever again. In fact, she looks back on old photos of herself with extensions and wishes someone would have ripped them out of her head.

I have to agree with Miley, here -- I think she looks awesome with her short hair and that it totally suits her. The only thing I'm not getting is her explanation about how low-maintenance it is. Shaving the sides of your head once a week isn't nothing, you know.


She says:

My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it. It’s so much easier to go shave the sides once a week, rather than getting your roots done and all this stuff.

OK. I'm confused. Doesn't she still have to get her roots done even though her hair's short? I'd argue that she even has to be more diligent about keeping up her dye job since roots would be more obvious when there's less hair. Plus, when it's buzzed, you gotta dye that part a lot, I'd imagine, to keep it blonde.

I'm totally sold on the short hair look, just don't try to sell me that it's easier. Sure, there's less to wash, but in terms of upkeep, it seems just as time-consuming as long hair.

That said, no one's doing short hair better than Miley. I love it just as much as she and Liam do, which isn't weird at all. Nope.

Do you prefer having short hair or long hair?


Photo via Michael Bruckner/Getty

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