Young Han Solo: 5 Hot Stars Who Could Play the 'Star Wars' Scoundrel

Young Han Solo: 5 Hot Stars Who Could Play the 'Star Wars' Scoundrel

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What happened to Han Solo's hand?
Now that the likelihood of two Star Wars "standalone" films has been announced -- one based on bounty hunter Boba Fett, the other on a young Han Solo -- everybody's all abuzz wondering who should be cast in the role that made Harrison Ford a star. (Why doesn't anyone seem to care who will play Boba Fett? Is it the helmet?)

Anyway, original bad boy Han Solo is one of the coolest characters ever -- somebody's gonna need a whole lotta sarcasm and swagger to fill those boots. Who among Hollywood's current selection of hot dudes even has what it takes? Perhaps one of these 5 handsome young men ...

  • Jake Abel


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    You know Abel from his roles in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and I Am Number Four. But all you need to know about him is that cocky half-grin.

  • Nicholas Hoult


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    Starting with About a Boy and most recently in Warm Bodies, 23-year-old Hoult is already a veteran film actor. Think he's ready for Han?

  • Dave Franco


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    Why Dave Franco? Simply because this kid needs more jobs if he's ever gonna catch up to big brother James Franco!

  • Josh Hutcherson


    Image via Splash

    Team Peeta. And that is all.

  • Michael Steger


    Image via Splash

    Think you don't recognize Michael Steger? Sure you do: He's been on about a billion different TV shows, from Hannah Montana to True Blood to, most frequently, 90210. And he's got that slightly surly thing going on, which is vintage Solo.

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