Kris Jenner’s Court-Ordered Mental Evaluation Reveals How Crazy She Really Is

kris jennerWhen Robert Kardashian senior's widow Ellen sold her dead husband's personal journals to In Touch, everyone sort of took the news with a grain of salt. I mean, his diary alleged that Kris Jenner abused her children, which is pretty intense and seemed a little out of left field. Sure, Kris is the worst, but is she really abusive? Now, though, more details from the diary have been released that make those accusations seem a little more plausible. The latest entries divulge the results of a court-ordered psychological evaluation Kris underwent during her divorce from Robert, and oh boy, they do not paint Kris in a kind light.

The official court documents (official court documents!) call Kris "manipulative", extremely "narcissistic", and say she has a "Cinderella attitude."


They go on to illuminate that she's immature, selfish, and pleasure-oriented, and has a need to have "her sense of specialness mirrored."

Knock me over with a feather.

Whether this is officially true or not, it's most certainly not untrue. I mean, come on, is it so hard to imagine that a woman who put her kids on reality TV, who encourages them to do Playboy, who makes a living by managing their careers, who has no problem orchestrating her daughter's fake marriage for money, who tries to sell her grandchildren's photos for a profit, and who is so obtuse that she doesn't even care that her daughters disapprove of her slurry, wine-drunk nights could be called "selfish", "narcissistic", and "pleasure-oriented"?

Please. Whose decision was it to capitalize on the illegal release of Kim's sex tape? Do you think Kim was like, I know! Let's leverage this into a reality show! I sure don't.

And during the very first season of Keeping Up, who agreed to "accidentally" distribute and sell Kim's sexy calendar intended only for her boyfriend, Reggie? It was obviously an agreed upon and scripted miscommunication, but what mother would be like, Yes, I'm on board with this plan?

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to feel sorry for Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and that son she has with the hair plugs. With a mother, excuse me, Momager like Kris, it's a wonder at all that they're not all addicts serving life sentences.

On second thought, they are imprisoned by the E! network and will forever be addicted to the fame -- maybe she has, in fact, thoroughly messed them up, after all.

Are you surprised by Kris' psych eval?


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