Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena Gomez With WHO?!

Justin BieberSoooooo Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are over, right? I mean, I think they've been spotted back in each other's company recently -- but they're not actually dating again, from what I can tell.

But if Selena is even close to considering getting back together with Justin, she might want to think long and hard about it. I know he's the Biebs and plenty of girls would kill for the opportunity to be his girlfriend, but Selena may not be too keen on the idea of giving him another chance -- because he may have cheated on her with a very well known singer.

Yep -- he reportedly cheated on Selena at the beginning of their relationship, and you'll never guess with who. (You can try, but I doubt you'll figure it out.)


Are you ready for this one?

According to "a friend," Justin hooked up with Rihanna back in February of 2011.

Yes, Rihanna. As in Ri-Ri. As in Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend. As in RIHANNA! (WTF?)

Supposedly they got all flirty at a basketball game in L.A., and boom! Bieber and Rihanna swapped spit, and God knows what else.

OMG. Seriously? Rihanna hooked up with Bieber? Ew. Or at least it was really, really ew if it happened two years ago. At that point, Ri-Ri was 22, and Bieber was just 16. And that makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

You know what else is gross? The same friend says Selena thinks Justin and Rihanna hooked up more than just once over the course of their relationship. (Almost like an affair or something, you guys!) And if that turns out to be true, something tells me there's no way Selena will let Justin back into her life ever again.

(Stay strong, Selena. Oh, and shine bright like a diamond while you're at it.)

Do you believe Justin and Rihanna really hooked up?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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