Khloe Kardashian Says She's Good at Talking Trash & That's Why She's Our Favorite (VIDEO)

khloe kardashian shade throwingEveryone says that, compared to her sisters, Khloe Kardashian is totally down-to-earth. And that's true to some extent, and she definitely deserves credit for that, but she also has another trait that's an even greater asset: Her ability to be incredibly outspoken and tell it like it is! Oh, sure, she doesn't always get it right (see: the time she answered an earnest question about female hygiene with "my vagina smells like roses!"). But more often than not, she's totally unafraid to throw serious shade. Although she wouldn't necessarily consider herself the best shade-thrower in the fam ...

Khloe recently told Swagger New York, "I think it depends on what it is. But I’m a pretty good sh*t-talker." Yeah, I'd have to agree with that ...


Remember when Khlo couldn't stop yakking about how Kourtney reeked of B.O., because she wouldn't wear deodorant while breastfeeding? Oh, and how much trash she seems to talk about Kris Humphries -- to Kim and behind Kim's back? Khloe doesn't hold back. Sometimes, actually, she's even a bit passive-aggressive, which isn't at all commendable ... But, at least judging from the first few eps of this season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, she has confronted the target of her trash-talking. (Not Kris, of course, but he knew she wasn't a fan of his back in the day ...)

Ultimately, I think she's more interested in making peace and giving her sisters props. Even when they are at one another's throats or talking trash, they're definitely not malicious. They're just ... well, sisters! As she explained to Swagger:

I don't think I'm a hater ... I'm a realist. ... We also don’t block each other’s blessings. My first week of X-Factor they were so supportive and uplifting.

See! So for as much as K sisters seem to be sucking out of our culture, they do have something positive to offer: Lessons in opting for good-natured "sisterly criticism" over shade-throwing. Awesome.

Check out Khloe's interview here ...

Do you agree with Khloe's assessment of the situation? Would you say you're more a hater or realist? (Ha ha!)


Image via SwaggerNewYork/YouTube

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