Kim Kardashian Won't Let a Little Ol' Baby Bump Stop Her From Buying Sexy Lingerie (VIDEO)

kim Kardashian lingerie shoppingMom-to-be Kim Kardashian was spotted looking at some ultra-pretty lingerie the other day while out shopping (in spiked heels of course!) with a friend. Now, this is a woman who is used to looking gorgeous and sexy, but I still say: Good for her!

Going though a pregnancy can really do a number on your mind, no? And since this is Kim’s first baby, every day is a new experience for her. All those changes happening to her body, and in the public eye, no less. Sure, she chooses to live her entire life in the public eye, but this is whole new experience, I’m sure. Because yes, pregnancy is a miracle -- it’s incredible, and beautiful, and life-affirming ... but from my own experience I can say it’s also alarming!


Leave aside for a moment the weight gain part; I’m talking about all the other stuff: The swollen ankles and face, the heartburn, the sciatica pain, the hormones ... ahhhh! I swear I had just about every non-life-threatening pregnancy side effect, and NONE of them made me feel sexy!

Now, the low-cut, corset-style lacy bralette Kim was eyeing in that chic boutique? THAT’S something that can make a girl feel sexy, especially a pregnant girl whose cup size is probably getting more generous by the day! In the video below, you can see Kim testing out the stretchiness of a little black see-through number. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be worn under something else, but it would be hot, hot, hot worn alone (and definitely off-camera!).

Of course, I have no idea how sexy Kim is feeling these days, but she sure looks great (as always), and from all accounts, she’s staying active and healthy, which is a huge part of feeling good about your body at any stage of life. She’s been spotted in workout clothes almost daily for the past two weeks, and she recently posted on her blog that she’s been working with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson (AKA Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer BFF) to help her “make the adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy, and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby!”

That sounds great, but I hope Kim doesn’t get too obsessed with working out and is able to just enjoy the process of being pregnant -- and her changing bod. And buying pretty lingerie is a GREAT way to keep in touch with your sexy self while preggo!

Did you invest in any maternity -- or post-maternity -- lingerie?


Image via Daily Mail

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