Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Really Are Over if She's Calling Rupert Sanders

Kristen StewartRumors about the status of her relationship with Robert Pattinson are definitely a dime a dozen these days, but for all parties concerned, I sincerely hope the new one about Kristen Stewart calling Rupert Sanders is nowhere close to being true.

There have already been reports about Kristen feeling neglected by Rob since he's in Australia filming The Rover, but according to this new rumor, Kristen is way more down in the dumps than we thought. A source said, "Kristen was feeling low -- the lowest she’s ever felt -- when Rob flew to Australia ... so when he left, she reached out to Rupert to see if he was okay and suggested meeting for a coffee."


Apparently she wanted to talk to him because he's "going through the same thing" as her -- meaning Liberty Ross dumped his cheating ass and now he's lonely and depressed just like Kristen.

But it sounds like Rupert isn't as devastated as Kristen would probably like to believe, because he supposedly turned down her offer. (Yeah. That stings.)

Arghhh! What on earth is she thinking? Sure, there's a ton of speculation that Kristen and Rob may be breaking up again, but even so -- inviting Rupert Sanders back into her life isn't exactly going to make people forget the whole cheating scandal.

And while some fans may never get over what she did, the initial shock factor of her actions has worn off at this point. I'm guessing she wants to keep things that way if she wants to salvage what's left of her image.

I guess I can see where she'd be tempted to run back into Rupert's arms if she's feeling ignored by Rob, but even if they do break up, it's probably best for her to just lay low and remain single for a while. She's been in a relationship for so long, and she's only 22 -- so it's not like she's running out of time and needs to settle down or anything like that. 

Besides, aren't there plenty of better single dudes to call than Rupert in the event that she and Rob are headed for splitsville?

Do you think Kristen called Rupert Sanders?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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