Lisa Vanderpump Leaving ‘RHOBH’ for That Terrible New Show of Hers?

lisa vanderpumpThis Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rumor has me seeing red, er pink. Lots and lots of mean pink. Word is that Lisa Vanderpump might be leaving the show because her new show, Vanderpump Rules, is doing really well and she doesn't know if she can handle being on two hit reality programs.

Lisa! You wouldn't dare leave us, would you? I thought life is supposed to be all diamonds and rosé! You leaving the RHOBH would turn life into a shit sandwich.


And that's only a slight exaggeration.

It would just sting so bad if Lisa left us for that horrible Vanderpump Rules because that show is just so beneath her. It's beneath everyone. The Hills sort of invented the glossy, scripted "reality" show with young 20-somethings trying to make it in California and there's just no more room for that genre on TV anymore.

I mean, granted, the Real Housewives franchises have story boards and story editors and casting calls and have more than their share of fake drama, but at least they're better at making it seem real than those over-tanned idiots on Vanderpump Rules.

Quick aside: they are getting really lazy on the RHOBH and RHOA with those voice-overs added in post-production. Have you noticed? It's ... annoying. "So I'll see you tomorrow at the art gallery, right?" was one of the most egregious instances of an added voice-over that I can remember.

Anyway! Lisa has said she's not leaving the RHOBH, then adds, cryptically, that "nothing has been decided yet."

But for reals, if Lisa leaves, that would suck. If anyone needs to exit the show, it's Taylor and her lips, and maybe Kim Richards, if only because I can't keep pretending to believe that she's a sober person. It's getting uncomfortable. 

Do you want Lisa to leave the RHOBH?


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