Kate Middleton's Amazing Babymoon Comes at the Perfect Time

kate middleton

That pregnant princess you may have heard of, Kate Middleton, has jetted off to the island of Mustique for some much-needed R&R with her husband, a man named Willy, and her family. The couple landed a few days ago, and naturally, their trip has now been labeled a "babymoon" by the media, because, you know, pregnant person not in their hometown = babymoon.

So, I'm going to hop on the bandwagon, and refer to the Duke and Duchess' trip (which they take every year) as a babymoon. And I'm also going to say it's perfect timing. Because a few more months in, Kate will be saying whatever the royal equivalent to "f*ck this" is at the thought of a trip.


I didn't take a babymoon (and I'm sorry I didn't), but if I had a chance to do things over, I'd for sure do it toward the beginning of my pregnancy -- before I got super uncomfortable and had to pee every 76 seconds and couldn't lay on my stomach. (Plus, you know, you can't fly in your third trimester.)

Right now Kate is probably around three and a half months pregnant, and if you ask me, she couldn't have picked a better time to get away. At that point, you're typically over the weird, queasy feelings, and aren't yet panicking about whether you should register for the Sleep Sheep or the Musical Seahorse, and like I said, you're still relatively comfortable. In other words -- you're still capable of genuinely enjoying a vacation.

Since she has royal obligations, I doubt that this will be the last trip for Kate Middleton during her pregnancy, but it may be the last trip she takes purely leisurely. And, like I said, she couldn't have timed it better. Soak up that sun, KM. And lay on your stomach while you can.

Did you take a babymoon?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr

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