Monopoly Announces Brand New Piece & It's an Insult to Old School Players

MonopolyFor weeks Hasbro, the makers of the game Monopoly, have been running a contest to allow fans to choose the new Monopoly token. They have also been allowed to choose which one goes. It's the first time in the game's nearly 100-year history that fans have had such a role.

As voting got hot, it seemed obvious that either the wheelbarrow, shoe, or iron were going to go. Today it was officially announced that the iron got the proverbial boot. (And the boot itself? Stays!) Meanwhile it was between a robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter, or guitar for the new piece. Turns out, the cat got it. Meow.

The cat is totally adorable and I am happy for the game. But still. Wah. I have been playing with that iron since I was a little girl and now my kids won't get to. Why do all these games and shows and movies feel the constant need to reboot?


Take Candyland, for instance. The new one looks almost nothing like the one I loved in the 1980s, and that made me really sad when I first bought it for my kids. It seems like the game revamps itself every few years, and OK, I kind of get it (the old ones look dated), but still. A classic is a classic.

Scooby Doo had a major reboot, as did Strawberry Shortcake. Why? The thing is, our kids don't need a sexier Velma or muscle-bound Fred to like the show. The new ones may seem more exciting, but the old ones had more substance.

Obviously, the Monopoly cat isn't "sexy" and it's hardly as if the game itself is changing. But it makes me sad as a parent to not be able to share the awesome things I loved as a kid in the same form as they were then.

Companies seem to think they have to repackage and change when the likelihood is most kids today would rather be on their Xbox or iPad. Playing Monopoly is a classic game and most people who play do so for nostalgic reasons.

So don't take away our memories! The kitty is super cute, but I prefer the iron.

Does this make you sad?


Image via Philip Taylor PT/Flickr

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