Topless Kyle Richards Photo Goes Viral & We Know Why Her Husband Took It Down

kyle richardsKyle Richards' husband Mauricio Umansky recently uploaded a very sexy photo of his wife to Twitter -- and then quickly deleted it. The photo was of a topless Kyle coming out of a pool with her long hair covering her boobs, Sports Illustrated-style. The caption with the racy photo read: "@kylerichards18 is about to kill me for twitting this photo but can you blame me. So beautiful."

Kyle Richards is going to kill you for tweeting that. Sure, "Mauricio".


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Mauricio sounds like a reasonable guy. Wasn't a fan of his yelling at Brandi Glanville, but a reasonable guy nonetheless. I seriously doubt that he would go a tweet a topless photo of his wife to his 100,000-plus Twitter followers without asking if she'd mind. Perhaps Kyle rethought things once the pic was up, but I can't imagine she didn't know about this beforehand. That's just cray.

"Mauricio" should have left this photo up. Kyle looks incredibly beautiful here. And although most people are probably staring at her boobs -- which, yes, are very nice (and tastefully hidden) -- I can't stop looking at her hair. Good god is gorgeous. Mauricio, you're a lucky man.

Do you think Kyle knew Mauricio was tweeting this photo?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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