‘American Idol’ Contestant Lies About Military Injury & Disgraces Wounded Soldiers Everywhere (VIDEO)

matt farmerJust when you thought no one could be daft enough, again, to go on a national singing show and lie about their military service, American Idol contestant Matt Farmer shows up and it's deja vu all over again. It was just this summer when Timothy Michael Poe pulled the same thing on America's Got Talent, and now, not eight months later, Farmer explained on AI how he had sustained a traumatic brain injury when hit by an IED in Iraq and that the consequent medicine he took rendered him sterile, making his 3-year-old daughter Cadence, whom he paraded on stage, naturally, a "miracle child."

Lies, lies, lies, and more lies. At first, Farmer blamed the show, claiming they twisted his words, but now, he's come clean.


After his segment aired, soldiers Farmer allegedly served with spoke out on the website Guardian of Valor and claimed that, yes, Farmer went to the military hospital, but it wasn't because he was hit by an IED ... it was because he was seizing due to a reaction between alcohol and his acne medication.

In a statement on the same site, Farmer wrote:

It was ALL lies. I in fact HAVE lied since a younger age and had a problem with it. I at no time was a sniper, was never deployed to Afghanistan, did a single tour in Iraq, and was never at any time hit or wounded by an IED.

I'm just shocked that there are people who still think they can get away with lying on TV, especially on a massively popular show with millions upon millions of viewers. Are they really so egotistical that they think they won't be found out?

Farmer got a golden ticket to go on through to Hollywood, but after his fibs have been uncovered, he might get disqualified.

The saddest part is, this guy can sing. He didn't need his made up sob story or his "miracle" baby to get him to the next level of competition. If only he had faith in his voice, he might not have had to make up a story.

Do you think Farmer should be disqualified?

Watch his audition:

Matt Farmer - Long Beach Audition - American... by IdolxMuzic

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