Making Fun of Kim Kardashian for Being 'Fat' Is a Diss to All Pregnant Women

Kim KardashianUgh. Can't a pregnant gal catch a break? She should be allowed to enjoy her pregnancy and bask in the glow of impending motherhood, but poor Kim Kardashian is already being subjected to people calling her fat and frumpy.

And it's all because she decided to leave the house wearing gym attire instead of getting all gussied up. As was pointed out by Mommyish, this is one of the photos of Kim that have Daily Mail readers dishing out insult after insult, ranging from jokes about the size of her butt to calling her "wide load" and referring to her as a "beached whale." (OMG. How can people be so mean?!?)

But forget mean for a second. Kim's critics are not only being unnecessarily cruel, they're also really, really stupid -- because there's a perfectly good explanation for why Kim is choosing to wear workout clothes regularly.


Since she's only about four months along, Kim hasn't quite reached the stage yet where she looks pregnant pregnant. You know, when your baby bump finally pops and sticks straight out so there's no way in hell anyone can assume you're anything other than preggo.

Kim's just not there yet, and it's so hard to find clothes that fit properly during that phase -- so lay off, haters.

It may have been seven years ago, but I still remember what a nightmare it was to get dressed in the morning when I was at the beginning of my second trimester. My pre-baby clothes didn't fit. But I didn't have enough of a belly to fill out maternity clothes either, so each day, I felt like I was pretty much screwed no matter what I put on.

I tried buying things that were a size or two bigger, but they only made me look more disheveled. Honestly, the only clothes I could really get away with and look semi-decent were either loose-fitting dresses or workout clothes with a lot of stretch.

Of course, one I finally did "pop," I transitioned nicely into regular maternity clothes, and didn't have too many style woes from that point on -- until I got into my ninth month. (Another post for another day.)

Hang in there, Kim, soon enough you'll be rockin' whatever you put on. In the meantime, wear that gym attire -- and wear it proudly.

When were you finally able to start wearing maternity clothes?


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