Beyonce's 'Mrs. Carter World Tour' Makes Her Sound Like a Submissive Wife

beyonceAgh! After last night's inspiring "Beyonce Bowl," how could we not be girl crushing hard on the most talented diva of our time?! Bey OWNED the night (along with some help from Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, of course) and went down in Super Bowl history as one of the best performances of the past decade -- no doubt! And she did it all while being an uber-empowered woman, hear her roar! But then she had to go and break our hearts by announcing the name of her upcoming tour ... It'll be the Mrs. Carter World Tour. Whaaaaaaat?!

Okay, okay, so we know she's a proud wife to Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z and proud new-ish mom of 1-year-old Blue Ivy Carter. But she's also freakin' BEYONCE. The one. The only! The "Independent Woman" who told us girls run the world! So why in Diana Ross' name is she hiding behind her husband's moniker?!


Really, what in the world is Bey thinking? She's not my fave, but Madonna has never tarnished her one-name identity by making a big show of a married name. I mean, could you have seen Madonna ever going on the "Mrs. Penn World Tour" or "Mrs. Ritchie World Tour"? How 'bout Cher ... Yeah, there was Sonny & Cher, but did she ever go on the "Mrs. Bono World Tour"? No, of course not! 

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On the other hand, we've seen famous, successful stars like Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson insist that they go by "Mrs. Kutcher" (on Twitter, how well did that work out? Ack!) and "Mrs. Lachey" (and how well did that work out ...?). Why? They're amazing on their own without having to create and seemingly embrace some alternate, "but I'm just his wifey!" identity.

It feels a bit disappointing, off-putting, and, yes, ridiculous for a woman who has had so much success on her own to call her very own, world-dominating tour "The Mrs. Carter World Tour." Yes, she's technically Mrs. Carter, but as supportive and sweet as I'm sure he has been along the way, Jay didn't build that. Bey did! And her world tour title should own it.

Check out the official announcement ...


How do you feel about Beyonce's world tour title?


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