Alec Baldwin Is a Vampire Just Like Nicolas Cage (PHOTO)

alec baldwin vampireIt's happening again! Alec Baldwin is ... one of ... them. They're taking over Hollywood! No, not Scientologists, silly. Vampires. Remember when the eerie photographic evidence of Nicolas Cage's true identity as a vampire was discovered? There's no question the young man in that faded Civil War-era photo was Nic Cage. The only semi-valid debate was whether the picture served as proof of Cage's vampire status or his secret time traveling abilities, but anyone with a passing knowledge of Cage's personal life should be able to connect those dots. (Besides, it's not exactly a huge leap from "actor" to "immortal bloodsucker.")

And now, thanks to this photograph of Joseph G. Kolans, "Exalted Ruler" of an Elks Lodge from 1964 to 1965, we know that Cage has at least one very, very old friend in the film biz: Alec Baldwin.


I have to admit, at first I was sort of surprised. Alec Baldwin?! I mean, Nic Cage is a shady dude to begin with. I wouldn't be all that shocked if he turned out to be a werewolf or a warlock or, hell, even a zombie. But Alec Baldwin is so smooth. So suave. So ... nothing like Nicolas Cage. But when you think about it, the whole thing starts to make sense. Like, if Baldwin and Cage were True Blood characters, Baldwin would be Bill Compton and Cage would be ... Franklin, that super-messed up vamp with a British accent who got all obsessed with Tara.

Anyway. Cage and Baldwin can't be the only undead movie stars out there. (John Travolta and Keanu Reeves are also rumored to be vampires and/or possible time travelers, but the "evidence" thus far is weak by comparison.) What do you think?

Is there a celebrity you've always thought might really be a vampire?


Image via Reddit

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