Kate Middleton's Morning Sickness Cure Sounds Pretty Stinky

kate middletonAlthough she was released from the hospital a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton was reportedly still feeling a wee bit queasy. But she's now found her cure: Candles. (You didn't think Kate Middleton would be caught dead in those seabands, did you?) Kensington Palace is supposedly smelling fresher than usual these days, because the Duchess of Cambridge has stocked up on the Contentment candle from Neom Organics, which is made with the oils of the rare buchu plant of South Africa, and she's burning them non-stop. The scent, which smells similar to black currant, supposedly aids with gastrointestinal issues, and has helped Kate overcome her waves of nausea.

Smelling your way to normalcy, huh Kate? I can relate.


Although I was lucky enough to not experience anything nearly as extreme as Kate's hyperemesis gravidarum, I definitely had a period when I felt ... off. And when I felt off I became obsessed with "clean-smelling" things -- particularly the lotion of my coworker, Lindsay.

About a half hour after coming into the office each day, Lindsay, whom I sit next to, would bust out her Weleda Skin Food lotion -- and I immediately would need to inhale it. In fact, at various points during the day, I would ask her if I could just smell it, and I'd sit at my desk, reading whatever, with a green tube beneath my nose breathing in deeply. I was obsessed. It was just so ... fresh-smelling, and it kind of relaxed me. To this day, I can't smell it without thinking about being pregnant -- as odd as it sounds that scent and my pregnancy are completely entwined.

So, I get it, Kate. I get your desire to light a million candles and take a good, hard whiff. Do it up. Certain scents are incredibly calming during pregnancy. And hey, if it makes you feel better, who cares if anyone thinks it's weird? But I'm warning you: That smell will forever remind you of being pregnant.

Did you have a favorite scent while pregnant?


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