Beyonce & Jay-Z's Super Bowl PDA Speaks Volumes About Their Marriage (PHOTO)

beyonce jay-z pda super bowlDespite being two of the most famous, successful people on the planet, Beyonce and Jay-Z aren't exactly what you'd call a very public couple. They're basically the opposite of Kim and Kanye. (No wonder Bey isn't wild about being Kim's new BFF.) So when Jay and his wife, aka the Belle of the 2013 Super Bowl, shared a huge hug in front of others (specifically makeup artist Joanna Simkin, who did a gorgeous job!) last night, we gasped a little. "Mutual gravity," Simkin wrote of the photo. "Hold down and be held down. #TheCarters." 

Awww! Cue the gushfest. I feel like we're especially fascinated with Bey and Jay's romance, because OMG, they are both so freakin' successful! Who knew celebs who are so busy and so talented actually have time to be so ... normal? And sweet? And affectionate?


But, realistically, when you're living on top of the world and have so much going on, it's probably not easy to enjoy much quiet, alone time together. Let alone remember to shower one another in "random acts of romance" all the time.

Yeah, sometimes, those just pop up naturally, but sometimes, you have to remind yourself to make 'em a priority. To send a supportive text or tweet or pouncing on them when they've come home from a long hard day (or performing in front of an entire SUPERDOME full of people, whatevs) to show your mate how much you support and adore them. Especially when careers, kids, other obligations consume you. But even little displays of affection -- public or private -- go a long way to accomplishing that.

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Sheesh, really, when you think about it ... seeing how these two mega-stars clearly make the effort to express their love in small but significant ways, there's no excuse for any of us to not be doing the same for our sweeties! 

How cute is their PDA? Do you and your partner go out of your way to make sure you're showing one another little displays of love?


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