Johnny Depp Adds Another Unsexy Role to His Long List of Unsexy Roles

johnny deppMajor casting news: Johnny Depp has reportedly signed on to play notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger in the upcoming film Black Mass directed by Barry Levinson. Woo-hoo! Another Johnny Depp movie is always reason to rejoice, as far as I'm concerned -- let's face it, he's completely brilliant in every single role he plays. I mean, the man is practically a chameleon, the way he virtually disappears into his characters. It's amazing ... although also sort of a shame when those characters are distinctly nowhere near as hot as Depp himself. And ladies, I'm sorry to say, Whitey Bulger wasn't known for his good looks.

That said, Bulger wasn't as markedly unattractive as some of the other seriously unsexy characters Depp has played in the past (Willy Wonka, hello?!). Of course the underlying Depp-ness of The Depp always shines through, but YIKES ... remember these revolting roles?



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