Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart May Be Planning a Destination Wedding to Spite His Family

Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartOMG. Have you heard? Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's wedding is really (maybe) gonna happen, and they've decided to tie the knot in Australia in lieu of getting hitched here in the good old U.S. (That's how all the cool celebs do it nowadays.)

But their supposed reasoning for having a destination wedding Down Under doesn't have anything to do with the fact that having a wedding in Australia is a really fun and unique idea. Nope. Apparently Rob and Kristen plan on excluding his family from their nuptials, and they assume getting married in Australia will deter them from wanting to attend.


Rob's family wasn't exactly ecstatic about him getting back together with Kristen in the first place, so you can only imagine how they'd probably react at the news that these two are tying the knot. There's definitely the potential for a major scene to go down at the wedding, so it's not surprising that Rob and Kristen would want to minimize the drama as much as possible.

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And even though they're both insanely rich and can afford to fly in as many guests as they want for the big bash, odds are good they'll have much better control over who shows up and who doesn't if they do get married in Australia versus closer to home. Regardless of the cost, some people just aren't too keen on traveling any sort of distance to attend a wedding.

I know, because I had a destination wedding, and at least half of the people we invited RSVP'd "No" either because of the cost or because they just couldn't fathom having to get on a plane to go to a wedding.

My husband and I were originally supposed to get hitched in Bermuda, which isn't the cheapest vacation spot on the planet, so I'm guessing money had a lot to do with why so many guests declined our invite.

But then exactly one month before our wedding date, Hurricane Fabian hit Bermuda head on. We were forced to either cancel altogether or find another suitable location. Long story short, we wound up getting married on the beach in the Florida Keys -- and it was absolutely perfect.

When we switched venues, we figured we'd wind up with a few more guests since Florida is much easier for people to get to than Bermuda. Much to our dismay, it didn't quite work out that way. Sure, we had a couple extra people attend, but those who didn't want to travel still didn't budge.

There were definitely more than a few people we truly missed having there to celebrate our special day, but then again, maybe it was best that the wedding was small. We got to spend more time with family and friends than we would have if we'd had a big shin-dig.

If Rob and Kristen really want to lessen the chance of having people attend their wedding who they'd rather not be there at all, then they're one step ahead of the game by getting married in Australia for sure. (Huh. Maybe these two are much smarter than we typically give them credit for.)

Were there guests at your wedding who you wish had not attended?


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