Disastrous Meeting With In-Laws Leads to TMI and Unforgivable Insults

girlsOn this episode of Girls called "It's a Shame About Ray" the thing that was most shameful was how Jessa and Thomas John treated each other. It was painful to watch. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a love story even when it's one like theirs where I wasn't sure if it was going to last. There is something about them that even though it doesn't make sense, it makes perfect sense.

So they got married. They knew each other for two months. They had some wild sex-filled honeymoon where they got matching tattoos. All of that is terribly romantic. But Jessa didn't meet the parents until now. And that meeting made everything unravel. Girls spoilers ahead.


Their meeting starts with Jessa saying, "I hate this restaurant but I don't care because I'm so happy to meet you guys." Off-putting or charming? Thomas John's mom was uncomfortable from the start. His dad, however, is one of those dads who loves a pretty girl and he's charmed for sure. Even when Jessa reveals she only went to Oberlin for seven months and had to drop out because she went to rehab. For heroin. Though no one should worry because she never injected it, only snorted it. Somehow Thomas John's dad was still dazzled. I think she was nervous though. Didn't know what to say. And things started just coming out of her mouth.

It's totally square, but if TJ was my son I'd be freaking out a bit. The guy's got money. Jessa doesn't. I'd be that mom thinking that is the reason this free-spirit wants to be with my son. People do lots of crazy things for money -- like Hannah last week doing coke for a story. But I don't want to pretend to be the mom in this case. People with no money can fall in love with people with money but not because of their money. I kind of felt that's what happened with Jessa. I bought into their love. But things got ugly. Really ugly. The worst kind of martial spat.

Back at the apartment, Jessa tells Thomas John she is embarrassed to walk down the street with him because he's so average. She says, "I tell my friends you were a test tube baby just so you would have a little edge." He returns the love and tells her she is the worst mistake he ever made, called her a whore with no work ethic, and that earns him a punch in his face.

Then he asks her how much money she wants to leave. First she tells him to go f*ck himself, but they seem to agree on $11,500. She smashes his humanitarian award and ends up at Hannah's apartment crying.

This is bad. This is the kind of fight you can't recover from, that you'll always remember even if you somehow are able to make up. The name-calling. The breaking of things. It happens even to couples who have been together longer than Jessa and Thomas John. When we're angry, ugly things sometimes happen. And I couldn't help but think that Jessa's tears weren't just because it was a traumatic event, but because she really did care for the guy who called her a mistake.

Can you relate to the terrible fight they got into? Do you have a disastrous meet the parents story, too? Will Jessa and TJ stay together?


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