Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl Will Tackle You With Cuteness (VIDEO)

Hey, yahh, hey, it's the Superbowl tomorrow! Rahhh! Okay, I confess. I'm not a football fan. I didn't even know who was in the Superbowl until, like, today. What can I say? Grown men running around, tackling each other for a ball ... I don't get it. But to each his own. But PUPPIES!!!!! Now there's something I get. Cute puppies running around, tackling each other for a ball ... squee!!! Animal Planet will be airing it's annual Puppy Bowl this Sunday and did you know that ratings are higher every year? Well, of course they are. You don't have to wonder about puppies lip-synching either.


Last year, the puppy bowl set a record with 8.7 million viewers. That's 8.7 million people screaming, "Awww!!!! Look at that little guy!!!" The puppies use their natural athletic skills to tackle each other and steal chewtoys to run through the end zones.

And if you're more of a cat person (like me) there will be kittens cheering them on from the sidelines. Or maybe just sitting there rolling their eyes, all, "Look at those idiot puppies."

Executive producer Melinda Toporoff says that getting good game time out of puppies is isn't that easy. She says:

When you're dealing with subjects that nap one minute and poop the next you have to tease out a plot later.

Hey, considering that the human Superbowl is only 11 minutes of playtime and the rest is commercials and filler, why should the puppies be any different?

The puppies and kittens in this year's Puppy Bowl are all homeless and up for adoption. Reps from pet adoption site say that last year's Puppy Bowl sparked a huge rise in adoptions. So if you're thinking of adding a furry friend to your home, Puppy Bowl might be the place to look -- though my guess is whichever pup scores the winning touchdown is bound to be in high demand.

Will you watch the Puppy Bowl? Watch Good Morning America's own version here.

Image via ABC News/Animal Planet

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