Kim Kardashian's Latest Pregnancy Craving Is Beyond Unhealthy

kim kardashianI don't want to blow your mind or anything and I certainly don't want to send you into cardiac arrest, but big news on the Kim Kardashian baby bump front -- the reality star is indulging in some serious junk food. Junk food? Junk food. I know what you're thinking, and yes, Kim did say that her pregnancy cravings so far included healthy things like celery, carrots, and artichokes. So what's this business about her eating a McGriddle from McDonald's?

Guhhhh. How dare she.


Kim shared a delicious picture of her naughty, eggy, syrupy, sausagey, carby McGriddle on Instagram and captioned the photo, "Just one bite. #McGriddle #MyFave."

Let's see ... a pregnant woman eating one of the most unhealthy items on the menu at one of the most unhealthy restaurants in the world is just asking to be judged, right? The McGriddle breakfast sandwich has a nutrition rating of a D- and contains about 420 calories and over a third of your recommended daily fat intake. What was Kim thinking?

She was probably thinking, mmm, damn, that smell good, me want, and just went for it. And good for her. A little junk food now and again won't kill anyone. Glad to see she's living a little and enjoying some of the tastiest grease God put on this earth.

And as long as she doesn't get out of control, like Jessica Simpson "allegedly" did, I'm sure Kim won't regret having some awesome junk food while expecting.

And, hey, if she does go overboard, I'm sure there'll be a company willing and able to pay her millions to make up for it.

Did you feel guilty about eating junk food while pregnant?


Photo via kimkardashian/Instagram

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