New 'Walking Dead' App Turns You Into a Zombie -- Literally!

the walking deadEvery fan of The Walking Dead has had the same fantasy, at some point or another: What would I look as a zombie? It's impossible NOT to wonder. What sort of undead characteristics might you take on as a walker? Because, let's be honest here -- none of them are particularly easy on the eyes, but some of them are worse off than others. I mean, there's a big difference between having partial eyeballs and NO eyeballs. Same goes for jawbones and noses and limbs.

There are ugly zombies, and then there are UGLY zombies. Nobody wants to be an UGLY zombie. (Or at least I'd prefer not to be.) Anyway, good news! We no longer have to wonder what sort of walker we'd make -- thanks to The Walking Dead's "Dead Yourself" app on Facebook. It's super easy to use -- just upload a picture from one of your albums or take one with a webcam -- and the results are ... well, yikes! Check out my own personal zombified image after the jump ...


zombie me

Oh, my! Apparently zombies don't get to the dentist very often. This is like what would happen if one of those "Glamour Shots" places got taken over by walkers. (Somehow this is less scary, but anyway.)

You know you want to try it! Oh, and can I make a request? If any of you out there have profiles on a dating website, use your zombie self for a profile pic. That would be ah-mazing.

Will you Dead Yourself today?


Image via AMC

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