Khloe Kardashian's Confession About Her Weight Is a Real Eye-Opener (VIDEO)

khloe kardashianYou gotta give Khloe Kardashian serious credit. The woman's surrounded by a lot of madness -- and has been subjected to quite a bit of criticism for no real apparent reason (other than the fact that she's Kim Kardashian's sis and Kris Jenner's daughter). And even though her weight and body type has always been something of a sensitive subject, she's always seemed to handle it with grace. But it wasn't always so easy.

Recently, on HuffPo Live discussing her partnership with U by Kotex, Khloe talked about her past weight gain, loss, and how she finally made peace with it all once and for all. And I know you don't usually see these two words in one sentence, but what she said was really inspiring. Check it out ...


Gaining weight as a result of depression or other emotional issues is something we rarely address, so not only do I love that she brought that up. Made it clear that she didn't just gain 30 pounds out of the blue -- and also that she worked really hard to lose it.

But of course that wasn't good enough for some people! Of course she was still getting criticized for not just her weight but her shape! Guh! You just can't win. And that's why she was so wise to stop trying to please anyone with her weight and her body and come to the realization to be the best version of herself for herself! Awesome!

You hear it all the time-- that you have to lose weight or get in shape for yourself. Not for another person, not for an event or a job (although those kinds of things can initially) help get you moving in the right direction initially. You gotta do it for you. And when you do, you win not only physically -- but emotionally and mentally, too.

What do you think about Khloe's realization? Have you ever come to the same conclusion?

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