Jennifer Lawrence's Parents 'Embarrass' Her Backstage & It's Hilarious to Watch (VIDEO)

The country seems to have a little Jennifer Lawrence lovefest going on right now -- despite that "I beat Meryl!" diss (it was a joke, people, a jooooke). And why not? Jennifer is a breath of fresh air when it comes to young Hollywood -- she's real looking and acting. Even when her dress is falling apart. So it's no surprise that JLaw's folks are just as down to Earth as she is. Mom and Dad were Jen's dates at the recent Screen Actors Guild awards, where their daughter took home a statue for her work in Silver Linings Playbook. It's nice to see a Hollywood actress who has a fun, playful, affectionate relationship with Mom and Pop. Now if only they weren't so mortifying!


Jennifer was backstage being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and her parents joined her. They looked ecstatic to be there. So ecstatic that her father, Gary, couldn't unpry his fingers from his champagne glass. Jennifer cracked, "Mom's got the statue, you've got your champagne. He still hasn't put it down. There are so many tables everywhere!"

"I feel like I've got Secretariat in the Derby," Dad gushed, then added, "I've just embarrassed my daughter." Her mom, Karen, then told the reporter, "If you stick that in my mouth, I'm going to start crying."

"Mom," Jennifer laughed (oh poor humiliated one), "It's a microphone. I promise she will not stick it in your mouth."

Mom then looked like she was really going to bust out crying before she blubbered, "I don't have anything to say because we'll embarrass her. We always do!"

"God, this is embarrassing!" Jennifer concurred, covering her face. (But really looking like she was loving it.)

It must be incredible, as parents, to have your child be so successful and to be able to enjoy that success. I hope they had fun at the after-parties. Something tells me they did.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence's parents? Aren't they cute?

Image via Entertainment Tonight

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